Wednesday, March 20, 2013



The journey of the Pilgrim soul,
Another door, another battlefield awaits,
Joy of existence, the purpose, the goal,
sense of senses, love and fear sedates,

collage of events subject to wear and tear,
locomotive fueled by hope coughing smoke,
of ecstasy, lust, ego of creativity and despair,
 wheels of unknown fortune, speed is time,
On tracks random chaos and divine chance it runs, 
Saints, robbers, kings, Jesters & soldiers all aboard,

And the mystic smiles, different faith and prayers hums,
Every baggage dear and near will soon sublime,
For the true traveler is the one who will dare,
To walk with courage in soul and foot bare,
Under the hot sun, On the last dusty road,


  1. A very philosophical point of view!

    Especially the last three lines :)

  2. Life is no itinerary..obvious thoughts exquisitely put down in words:)

  3. i like it, write more freqvently :)